About Us


Company Overview


Metdizayn has been established in 2012 as a structural and consulting firm. Opening Moldova Branch office has expanded the employee diversity and brought new knowledge and perspective to the design strategies.  By adding Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical departments to its body, it became a company offering a full-design service which provides a great easiness to customers. 

Required licences for project approvals within Azerbaijan were obtained. 

Now, Met Dizayn is one of the top structural engineering and architectural companies in Azerbaijan.    


Mission and Vision


Metdizayn is established for providing expertise and innovative solutions in architecture, engineering and consultancy sector to meet the needs of clients at highest levels. 

We therefore apply such quality management policy that focus not only on clients’ satisfaction but also continuously enhancing the employees’ qualifications .

Our mission is to satisfy expectations of our clients by providing high-quality and cost-effective engineering and architectural projects.

Our vision is to collaborate with some of the biggest construction companies in the world and to become a significant trademark in the design sector not only in domestic but also abroad, by the help of our technical capacity, quality and services.


Our Offices

Azerbaijan, Baku Head Office

Moldova, Chisinau Branch Office